We will soar trough the skies together, side by side. We are brothers and sisters and shall rise or fall together. The Angels of Death will attack the corupted cities of the world and will bring the infested souls to their end! All kings shall bow to us!
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 Welcome to AoD

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Level 4

PostSubject: Welcome to AoD   Tue Dec 04, 2012 9:21 am

cyclops If you are experiencing any issues, please leave a post with your issue and mention your ingame name.

If you would like to join the clan, leave a post here with your info:

Ingame name:
Castle hero lvl:
Castle gem lvl:
Fort hero lvl:
Fort gem lvl:
Playstyle: (alot arena, alot pvp, etc.)

Requirements to join:
- lvl 40+ Castle;
- lvl 10+ heroes;
- Fully loaded heroes;
- Very active;
- Very loyal;
- Prepaired to attack any player!
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Welcome to AoD
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